About Us

Baltimore Cougars Legends has an effortless dedication and hard work in ensuring that boys and girls not only in the United States, but abroad get the opportunity to succeed athletically, physically, and mentally. The Baltimore Cougars Legends (BmoreCL) is a sphere headed by three brilliant directors; two dynamic sisters, Tamara Moore and Tamika Rogers; and De'Vante Henderson. They have a passion for youth boys and girls on the court and off the court. With the assistance and efficacy of the JR. NBA the dream of giving back to the youth boys and girls in the community has become their reality.

Coach Tammie relocated to Florida five years ago and Coach Tamika continues to reside in Baltimore. Even though Coach Tammie relocated, that did not stop the Dynamic Dual Sisters. Somehow they have managed to coordinate and continue to provide the youth boys and girls with clinics, motivational speakers, fitness, and mental awareness.

Baltimore Cougars Legends (BmoreCL) has been offering the youth boys and girls with Jr, NBA clinics, leagues, and challenges twice a year in Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale. The in-house programs are Hoop At Nite, BYOB- Bring Your Own Basketball, and Bmorefit.

The Baltimore Cougars Legends is a Nationwide non-profit mentorship program as well for youth and young adult program that teaches successful life skills, such as time management, team building, leadership, and student-parent preparation for high school and college applications.

While developing life skills, our student-athletes will be exposed to camps, training, and student-comp programs to help develop our athletes on and off the court. Being in the Cougars program gives children in our community access to a staff whose core values stem from some of the most prestigious athletic programs throughout the country. This access will expand their IQ not only in sports but in helping them in the future situation to make professional decisions.

Another important sector of our nonprofit focuses on community development. We deeply treasure the value of maintaining commonness and unity within the community. The youth student-athletes are required to have 8 hours a month. This also helps us earn monetary grants that can assist us with our Missionary Goals and help us fund more events and missions. All this year we help #GrowBaltimore with free basketball clinics every Saturday and Sunday and the first Saturday of each month's Gardening and Seedling workshop. We have had an impactful year on our youth and they are ready to start eating more healthily and staying in shape. We practice meditation and yoga before every clinic to implement and space of comfort and a different target to gain attention. Our Student-Athletes work so hard.